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Flyball is a relay race between two competing teams. Each team has four dogs. One dog from each team (racing side by side), must go over four hurdles, trigger a flyball box, catch (retrieve) a tennis ball and return over all four hurdles to the start/finish line where the next dog eagerly awaits.

Flyball is a sport in which any dog can participate, regardless of breed, shape and size or formal training. It encompasses all things dogs love. . . chasing and jumping, catching, retrieving, competing and striving to please their owners. Unlike any dog activity to date flyball is pure fun for everyone, the dogs, the handlers and the spectators.

What characteristics are attractive in potential flyball dogs?

Strong play drive - A high energy dog who is frequently trying to get you to play with them.

Ball Crazy - They think balls are the greatest thing on earth!

Well socialised - both with humans and other dogs.

Knowledge of basic obedience commands - Sit, stay, come, recall

Strong fetching skills - This can be taught but is helpful to have a dog that does it naturally.

Focus - Ability to focus on the task at hand.

Size - Dogs of all sizes are welcome. Small dogs bring the jump heights down.

What characteristics are attractive in potential flyball people?

Patience - Dogs learning curves vary just as much as their personalities do. Some dogs come with "issues" from their past (shelter dogs) and may take time to settle in to the training regime. other dogs pick it up quickly.

Commitment - It is important for handlers to commit to practices as much as possible. The repetition greatly improves a dog's performance. It is also important that experienced team members and their dogs can assist with new dogs and handlers.

Flyball is a team sport, so in addition to practices you will be required to attend demos and competitions with the team. These are on Saturdays and Sundays, except the Easter Show, which often falls on a Friday.

Health Requirements: Vaccination certificates must be presented for all dogs.

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